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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do these Psychic Readings really work or they are just a Psychological Mumbo Jumbo?

If the practitioner is knowledgeable, ethical and experienced then of course the Para-psychological Phenomenon works.

  • Is Metaphysics a Science or Art?

The knowledge in itself is a Science. Say for example, Jyotish or Vedic- Astrology is a perfect and pure science. 15,000 + years ago Lord Shiva himself has given this knowledge to humanity. Sages have put their Life into it and handed us their experience. We knew Astronomy even before any other science on earth. N.A.S.A. has discovered the Moons of Neptune in 20th Century. Whereas, we have known about it since the Rig-Veda.

It is also an art. When it comes to practice. Since the experience of the reader counts a great deal. The interpretations are based on individual basis. It is not one size fits all.

  • Is it prohibited in Religion to seek help from Seers?

Not at all. None of the religions and their scriptures have ever mentioned anything negative about Vedic Sciences. As a matter of fact there are numerous references about various predictive science in almost all the religions. I can give thousands of examples but would refrain from it. It is the leaders of the religion who sometimes condemn this Holy Science for their selfish reasons.

  • Is Destiny Carved in Stone?

No. Destiny is flexible and can be changed through right Karmas, Upayas and Kriyas.

  • If we are destined to suffer then why should we go to a Spiritualist?

Like mentioned above "Destiny is Not Carved in Stone" Say for example when we become sick or have a disease. Why do we go to a physician and take the prescribed medicine? We can say "Oh! God Wants us to suffer, so we should not see the doctor?"

Similarly when we are on the verge of being Spiritually Bankrupt or in deep trouble. Seeking help from a seer may be very helpful.

  • Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Tantra, etc. are followed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jainis, Buddhists, etc. If a person is from another Religion then will these sciences still help?

Of course. God never segregated the religions. Man did. We are all same and have same blood and breathe the same air. Share the same divine knowledge and have the same soul.

When a person goes to a physician from other religious background then what happens? They prescribe the medicine to the best of their ability. It doesnít matter if the patient is from different cast, creed or religion. The medicines still work.

  • How do the Planets control our Life?

Through my knowledge , experience and insight. Iíve known a great deal about the Astrological Influence on humanity. Thus, I conclude that everything is within the Planets, Nakshatras and Zodiac Signs.

Disease, Life Span, Carrier, Spouse, Children, Income, Expenses, Fame, De Fame, all are controlled by the above factors. Even World Events, Politics, Disasters, World Economy, Stock Markets all are within the Divinity.

  • Are Runes or Tarot Cards better than Jyotish or Palmistry?

They are all the medium of Divinity. None is better than the other. Yes the variable which gives better guidance is the Destiny of the individual and the integrity of the reader.

Although Jyotish (Vedic/Hindu Astrology) can predict till 108 years of an individualís Life. The other medium are limited with time span.

  • How can Destiny be changed through Divinity?

Divinity can guide us to change the Destiny. Just using right colors can change your destiny. Going into further Depth : Plants, Metals, Gems, Rituals, Amulets, Prayers they all can change Destiny.

In various religious scriptures there are details about remedial measures.

One of the book which details a great deal on this issue (In Simple English) is "Autobiography of a Yogi" written by His Holiness Shri. Parmahansa Yoga. Published by Self Realization Fellowship.

Pages 190, 202, 203, 271, 272, 360-362, 187, 272, 279, 34,108,21, 22, 105, 212

  • Can Destiny be changed 100% ?

No. It can be changed a great deal. We can maximize the goodness and can minimize the adversity but canít change 100%. It is like if youíve committed a crime you have to pay the price. If you have an experienced attorney then your punishment will be reduced than if you have a lousy one !

  • What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means the weave. If you weave right then the results will be right. Tantra is a combination of Mantra (Chant), Yantra (The cosmic Diagram), Vidhi (The Process). The combination is further empowered with ingredients and proper rituals to help a person.

  • What are the application of Tantric Rituals?

It could be applied for anything in Life. It can help in overcoming Disease, Obstacles, Court Cases, Animosity, Competitive Exams, Bad Luck, Being Jinxed, Being under psychic attack, having problems with children; spouse; superiors. .. .So on and so forth.

  • Can Tantrik Rituals Backfire?

This is the 13th question. Like number 13 can portray various things. Same is Tantrik Practice. If the intentions are good then it will not backfire. If the intentions are devious then it could. Thatís why I do not accept the offer to do the rituals from anyone. Iíve to be very cautious before commitment.

So, many times my clients had fits when I refused to help them. Despite them offering me a Blank Check. I had showed them the door and sometimes escorted them out of the door. May be thatís why materially I am still not so rich.

My name is Sunit which literally means a person with Good/Pure Intentions and Policies. How can I commit to something which is 180 degrees?

  • Our children donít Listen to me at all. We have tried everything . Can you help?

Of course , I can. In order to find that out first Iíve to check what is best for the children? If they are in bad company or drugs or breaking the law. I think I may be able to help.

  • My Spouse is threatening me with Divorce and is involved with someone else. Can we be helped?

Sure, I can. In order to find that out first Iíve to check what is best for both of you? If they are in bad company and someone is deliberately trying to break your house for their selfish reason. I may be able to help you.

  • I was a star student all my Life. Now I canít pass an entrance (aptitude exam). Iíve tried several times. Can I be helped?

Yes, Iíve helped lots of students like you starting from k-12 till PhDs. Lots have become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, C.E.Os, C.F.Os. Elected Officials  and Administrators. There is a classical example of on entry level (constable) Police Officer who became Commissioner of Police within a short span of time.

  • Iím having problem in conception. Iíve conceived but after few weeks it results in miscarriage. Can you help me?

Iím sorry to know about this. There are certain Holistic Suggestions and Rituals which may help. 

  • What are Amulets and how do they work?

ďAutobiography of a YogiĒis a classical book of His Holiness Shri. Parmahansa Yoga. Published by Self Realization Fellowship.

Please read about the appearance and disappearance of the Magical Amulet (pg.21, 22, 34, 108, 105, 212 )

Also mentioned in the book is the order of Guruji Sri Yukteshwar about the specific Dhaatu (Metalic) Armlet to be worn by Mukund (Swami Parmahansa Yogananda) pg. 187, 272,, 279.

Lets put it like this. An Amulet is the processor Chip which works for the Computer of the Divine Cosmos. It is a metallic casing Could be made from one or more metals in a traditional ritualistic way.

Specific ingredients are obtained under a particular Astrological Combination of Planets, Days, Nakshatra and Yoga. Then a special Ink is made in a traditional ritualistic way. Depending on the cause a special Yantra (Cosmic Geometry) is crafted  on a special paper or leaf. Then a particular Shakti is invoked. A Mantra is written coupled with Beeja Mantras (Software). Thereafter it is invoked by particular chant for days and months After the completion it is sealed in the special casing.

The client is advised to put it on a particular part of the body on a Particular Day under a particular auspices in a particular way.

Just wait to see the Miracles.

We donít believe in one size fits all concept. For each individual a tailor made Amulet is made to provide the optimum results.

  • I have chronic Asthma. Iíve done everything available without any results. Can I be helped?

When the Astrological Planet Moon becomes inauspicious. Asthma could become chronic. Iíve research and testimonials to support that people have been helped.

Besides the above details. I can merely say that there may be help available for any problem including Obesity, Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Diabetes, Hair Loss, Acne, Skin Problems, Allergies, Pains and Aches, ADHD, ADD, Cancer and various problems in The Human Temple of God and its soul.

My approach is a combination of Metaphysical Gifts from various Religions and Sciences. I can definitely try to help a client through my Holistic Knowledge.

Metaphysically Speaking every Disease has a root cause thats why it is a Dis-ease. Holistic Knowledge includes problems reflected by the Planets, Nakshatras and Zodiac Signs.

Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Radiesthesia, Radionics, Rituals, Colors, Gems, Prayers,  Reiki, Healing, Vaastu, etc.

  • Are Sorcery, Magic and Tantra are same?

No they are not the same. Although they may be similar in some ways. Tantra is also a religion which has trancedented the demarcation of religion. It is practiced for Universal Peace.


The opinion mentioned above are my personal views derived from my experience Under no circumstances any or all should be constituted as reflection of my claims in respect to practice of Medicine.

I am a firm believer and suggest my clients to explore all the avenues of Life. Like you possibly should seek help from best professionals like Doctors, Attorneys, Realtors, Consultants, Surgeons and Financial Planners. Similarly when you seek Holistic help. Try to choose the best practitioner in this field.

Am I a dreamer?

I may be dreaming but World Peace, Universal Brotherhood, Good Health, Contentment, Helping your fellow Human Beings and not just Mundane but overall success should be our Target.

You may say Iím a dreamer,
but Iím not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

-- John Lennon

I would like to remember John Lennon through these lines. They sound so simple, yet only when you delve into the details, you realise how difficult it is to achieve it. But the dream is a 'beautiful' one and I just hope that at least we live to see this dream. Sounds 'far fetched' again!!! But, would it ever sound 'near and attainable'?
Now again, do I sound pessimistic or is it just a realistic thought?

John Lennon: biography
1940 - 1980

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